Functional Nutrition Counseling: The Foundation of True Thyroid Love™ 


Functional Nutrition counseling originates from the Functional Medicine Model - a systems-biology based approach to chronic illness that identifies and addresses the root cause of illness - and therefore uses the same methodology and principles.

My Job as a Functional Nutritionist:

Functional Nutrition does not merely address the symptoms of your diagnosis; instead it uses specific methodology,  frameworks and testing to find the underlying root causes associated with your symptoms and diagnosis:  


As a Functional Nutrition clinician, I don’t chase your thyroid symptoms or diagnosis with a cookie-cutter protocol or diet, that may or may not work for you. Instead, I gather a detailed health history and map out everything that contributes to your thyroid and overall health: your diagnoses, signs and symptoms, genetic predisposition, diet and nutrient intake, medications, lifestyle, stress, and environmental exposures. This information helps me determine the context within which your health issues have taken hold - we call this the “terrain” - and also gives me insights and clues about how well your different body systems (digestive, immune, hormonal, neurological, etc.) are functioning.


This mapping process is critical to the investigation of your unique thyroid root causes. Finding and subsequently targeting your individual root causes, with healing foods and supplements specifically chosen for you, delivers powerful results from true healing.


There’s no shooting in the dark here or using the trendiest new diet or latest magical supplement.


Functional Nutrition is about you and finding your unique root causes to thyroid dysfunction for a personalized nutrition plan that creates health instead of merely masking symptoms.



Functional Nutrition is a Whole Body Systems and Whole Person Approach to Health:


Your thyroid diagnosis is not limited to dysfunction within the thyroid gland. Our bodies have various different systems that work together to keep us healthy. An imbalance, deficiency or manifestation in one area therefore affects another. This is why ‘just taking a thyroid pill every morning’ does not work well in the long run and it’s also the reason you are still suffering.


90 -97% of hypothyroidism diagnoses in the United States are autoimmune in nature, (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) characterized by multiple imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and other manifestations in various body systems. Most of your health concerns - acne or other skin conditions, fatigue, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, hair loss, joint pain, hormonal imbalances, headaches, diarrhea, constipation, gas/bloating, difficulty losing weight, brain fog or trouble concentrating are therefore all related. They don’t exist in isolation from one another.


I use my Functional Nutrition tools, techniques and expertise to uncover the specific imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and manifestations that are unique to your body and your life and ultimately affecting your thyroid gland and thyroid hormone production. I then recommend the appropriate healing foods, supplements and lifestyle recommendations to target these issues and bring your body back to a state of balance.


Again, it’s this personalized whole body systems and whole person approach that brings you the sustainable, long-lasting results you want. When your body’s nutrient deficiencies, imbalances and troublesome manifestations are properly addressed, your symptoms automatically fade and your thyroid health improves. Goodbye fatigue. Goodbye excess weight. Goodbye sleeplessness. Goodbye acne,  joint pain, hairfall and digestive complaints.


Not only will you see major changes in your overall physical health, confirmed by medical lab results; but you will also see marked improvements in your emotional health. Goodbye uncontrollable irritability, anger, anxiety and depression.


Clients are often surprised to see changes in areas that they didn’t even think were related to their thyroid diagnosis or health. It's so normal and natural to think that the reason you are so often tired, sad, nervous or irritable is your present life circumstance or maybe even your inherent personality. Anyone ever call you lazy, unmotivated, overly sensitive or negative? Would you believe me if I suggested that even your personality is not static? That a whole body systems and whole person approach to thyroid health that addresses all body systems (including digestive health, hormonal health, brain health, mindset and lifestyle), will induce positive changes not only in your physical and emotional health, but also subsequently even your behavior and personality. Yes, my Functional Nutrition counseling for True Thyroid Love™  can most certainly be an amazingly transformative experience!


Functional Nutrition Recognizes “Bio-individuality” or the Fact that Everybody is Different:


Ever wonder why your friend with a ravenous appetite fits into her skinny jeans without thought or effort, while you watch every morsel and yet can’t move the scale anymore? Or why a certain diet or food works for another friend but makes you feel absolutely miserable? This is bio-individuality at play - one person’s medicine can be another person’s poison!


In the same way, the root causes for my hypothyroidism, fatigue and acne are different from the root causes of your hypothyroidism, fatigue and acne. Therefore using a one-size-fits-all protocol may or may not work and at best will produce short-term benefits.


What does work well in the long run however, is the Functional Nutrition model I’ve just described. This model is successful because it finds and addresses the unique conditions (terrain) within which your diagnoses or symptoms are present, which is different from the conditions (terrain) in which someone else's diagnoses and symptoms exist.


My functional nutrition tools, techniques and expertise will shed light on the terrain within which your illness and symptoms exist, so we can customize the best healing foods, supplements and lifestyle recommendations to shift this terrain and bring you results you will love.


I don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to thyroid health that may or may not work.



Functional Nutrition Thrives on the Foundation of a Therapeutic Partnership:


Typically my clients enroll for a minimum of 6 nutritional counseling sessions with me, spread out over approximately 5 months. This timeframe is important for me to completely map, asses, and provide valuable insights for your particular case. I make recommendations from the get-go after the very first evaluation; but I continue to tease and adjust, as well as bring in successive nutritional therapeutics as we slowly uncover more imbalances, deficiencies, manifestations and root causes. Our bodies are complex and this dedicated time spent together is essential to discovering, tending to and shifting the terrain in which your thyroid diagnosis lives.


Shifting the terrain takes time, patience and trust but is really the only way to bring you the life you deserve and naturally crave. It takes a dedicated and skilled practitioner who sees you - the whole you - and works with you; educating, guiding and empowering you to make the ideal nutritional and lifestyle changes necessary for your thyroid health.


How Functional Nutrition Counseling Differs from Functional Medicine:


Can’t your Functional Doctor provide Function Nutrition Counseling? While your functional doctor, naturopath or integrative practitioner may be able to give you some nutritional or lifestyle guidance, their primary focus is diagnosing disease and disease management through expert testing, supplementation and pharmaceuticals. They won’t be talking to you for an hour every 2-3 weeks for 6-12 sessions and assessing the nitty gritty of your everyday meals and life by going down into the trenches with you - that’s my role. As a trained and skilled nutrition and lifestyle clinician, I’ll be taking a fine tooth comb to your diet, daily habits, lifestyle, environment, family history and predispositions, health history and even mindset. It takes time and getting into the minutiae of everyday life to systematically track and map everything and find all the areas within the diet and lifestyle realm that need attention.


My role also includes educating, inspiring and coaching you about why a certain dietary or lifestyle change is necessary for you, and then supporting you in actually making that change happen. Support could be in the form of recipes, educational articles/videos, books, or links to recommended foods, health products or supplements with instructions on how to use them in a safe way. Support also means a trustworthy place where you can go for expert nutrition and implementation guidance, with continued monitoring on a regular basis. You won’t have to spend hours of your day googling or posting in groups for information you desperately want or need for your health. There’s some good information on the internet and in books (I’m not denying that), but it’s always partial and may or may not apply to you. Having a trained Functional Nutrition clinician to point you in the right direction will take the guesswork and trial-and-error out of the equation, so you can focus on just getting better.


It’s Time for True Thyroid Love™:


You’ve probably already tried to get rid of your symptoms using medications, diets and other protocols - some of which worked or at least worked temporarily - while others didn’t. You’ve probably also seen newer, more troubling symptoms creep up over the years. Enough. Enough of the one-problem-one-solution approach. It’s time to switch from the band-aid approach to thyroid health and instead give your thyroid some True Thyroid Love.


Email me to schedule a free 20-minute consult and let's speak directly to see if personalized True Thyroid Love™ is for you. I promise no gimmicks, fads or lures. True Thyroid Love is about expert guidance, support and love so you can thrive.