My Selfie with Dr. Deepak Chopra

Recently, I had a chance to meet Dr. Deepak Chopra at his book tour, promoting his latest research-driven book Super Genes, in Seoul, South Korea and took the opportunity to take a fun selfie!

Super Genes is a great read with loads of scientific-backed information to apply in our daily lives for a healthy and disease free life. If you don't have the time to read it, I've complied a list of the 5 important takeaways from Dr. Chopra and Dr. Tanzi's book, Super Genes:

1) 95 % of our genes are malleable. Not only can we prevent disease, including those we are "at risk" of inheriting but we can also change the course of an existing disease - simply by manipulating gene expression

2) Our genes respond to EVERY thought and action. Make them work FOR YOU with the right input.

3) Six super tools to build "super genes": Diet, stress-management, exercise, sleep, meditation and emotions (I will be posting more information on this takeaway)

4) We don't live in isolation - pay attention to & respect the relationship with your microbiota. Our body has 23,000 human genes but also 1 million microbial genes.

5) Your DIET is crucial for building a healthy microbiota and changing gene expression

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