Recipe: Fresh Turmeric preserved in Lemon Juice

Fresh Turmeric preserved in Lemon Juice


500 grams or 1lb fresh turmeric 8-10 large lemons Salt to taste Optional Ingredients 4 inch piece of ginger peeled and sliced 10 green chillies sliced


1. Peel and slice turmeric into small round slices 2. Heat the dry salt in a pan to remove moisture 3. Leave it to cool 4. Add salt to the turmeric pieces after cooling 5. Fill into a glass jar 6. Add the juice of the lemons 7. See that the level of the juice covers the turmeric 8. More juice could be added 9. Refrigerate after 24 hours

To learn how to use turmeric so your body can absorb it's goodness, read my blog, Turmeric: Benefits and Tips You Probably Don't Know.


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