Tool #2 to create ‪‎Super Genes‬: ‪‎Exercise‬

April 28, 2016


Adopt an active lifestyle to lose weight and fight disease


REGULAR physical activity, even just being on our feet and moving often, turns off pro-inflammatory genes and switches on anti-inflammatory ones. Persistent, excessive inflammation is the root cause of all chronic disease, including ‪cancer‬, ‪diabetes‬, and heart disease. Inflammation also makes it impossible to lose ‪



Make movement and exercise a part of your lifestyle. Move everyday. You don't need CrossFit for radical well being. Take the stairs, if you sit a lot - get up and walk for 5-10 min every hour, skip, hop, jump, dance, play with your kids. Make it fun and chances are you will make time for it.

Consistent movement fights disease. New scientific‬ research shows that burning calories is meaningless (more from me on this soon).


Dr Chopra & Dr. Tanzi's #1 choice for the best mind-body workout: ‪yoga‬,
hiking and walks/jogs in nature also help calm the mind.


Images are from a hike last week to the Bugaksan summit, the highest peak in Seoul. Post-hike treat: grapefruit ade (juice with hint of honey on ice) and African iced coffee without the dilute factor



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