Tool #3 to create Super Genes‬: Emotions

Me and my daughter just being silly

Actively pursue lasting happiness for radical well-being. We think of our emotions as primarily a mental state. Yet, our feelings create chemical messages that are received by every cell in our body. If you've ever experienced stress as a panic attack or anxiety in your gut, you know this is true. Our bodies thrive on #happiness. Tip 1: Easiest way to create happiness? Actively pursue positive inputs and minimize negative inputs. Love, affection, healthy food, water and air, exercise, creativity, satisfying work, service, success, hobbies, meditation, and being appreciated are some examples of positive input. Examples of negative input include stress, toxic relationships, unsatisfying work, being ignored and taken for granted, constant distractions, sedentary habits, drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), overeating, processed food and fast food, anxiety, depression, illness, and negativity. Tip 2: Work on creating lasting happiness. Lasting happiness comes as a result of self-awareness and working towards a long-term goal that's worth achieving. This means different things to different people: raising healthy, happy children, running a successful business, exploring/discovering in an area, pursuing creativity, living a life of service, promoting love, peace, education, or culture. It took me almost 40 years to find my path towards lasting happiness. My mission: to inspire and educate people to use food and lifestyle as medicine for preventing and reversing chronic disease. I'd love to hear from you. Are you living your goal, even if it is part-time?

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