5 Research-Backed Reasons to Eat More Mangoes this Summer

Today, I have 5 science-backed reasons to eat more mangoes...so you can indulge without guilt! Plus my mother’s easy, peasy mango salad recipe. This mango salad will prevent temporary blood sugar spikes with added fiber, protein and fat.

  1. Eating mangoes helps you maintain a healthy gut flora by preventing the loss of beneficial bacteria (1). A healthy gut flora is essential for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, synthesis of certain vitamins, immune system activity, brain function and good metabolism.

  2. Mangoes can keep you slim and aid in weight loss by improving your metabolism (2).

  3. Eating half a mango daily can actually reduce blood glucose levels, which could be beneficial for diabetics (3).

  4. The polyphenols (natural compounds that give fruit and vegetables their vibrant color) found in mangoes may prevent and stall the advancement of common breast and colon cancers (4, 5).

  5. Mango consumption is superior to fiber supplements for the treatment of chronic constipation. A diet rich in mangoes also helps reduce intestinal inflammation (6).

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