My chapter from the Amazon Best Seller, Silver Linings Storybook - Rebirth: Finding My Health, Happi

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Grateful that as an Amazon best-selling author, my silver linings story can now reach out to many who need some encouragement and hope to overcome their cloudy days.

Happiness is the true nature of our existence - the purpose of our life. Why is it then so fleeting and difficult to attain when we suffer from depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue? Can we climb out of the dark hole of despair and undo the melancholy - forever?

Accompany me on an intimate journey as I battled these symptoms for over twenty years; as a student, wife and mother, unable to find answers in traditional medical care. Learn how I eventually solved the puzzle of my illness, piece by piece and found lasting health, happiness and even my destiny.

You can now download my chapter, Rebirth: Finding My Health, Happiness and Destiny as published in the Amazon Best Seller, Silver Linings Storybook.

DISCLAIMER: If you are at risk for suicide, or other harm or injury, please do not try and treat it on your own. There is help. Please seek assistance (such as a hospital emergency room or doctor’s care).

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